Weighing and scales

Expertise in commercial and industrial weighing

The aim we pursue together with represented producers is to assure integral functions of weighing, control and accounting. Progressive, precise solutions allow weighing, packaging, costing, printing, quality control, data storage and analysis. Multifunctional machines are applicable not only for retail, but also for production, warehousing, logistics, post. Consultation, scales’ installation, programming and maintenance services. All scales hold metrological verification in accordance with OIML requirements.

  • Retail scales

    Retail scales

    Weighting, costing, pricing: these simple scales' functions nowadays are one of the most sophisticated parts of commercial equipment. Contemporary scales are integrated with IT systems, managed from one data point, supplemented with packaging, labelling, information, quality control functions.

  • Industrial scales

    Industrial scales

    Whenever you work with huge and non-standard loads, that have to be brought, lifted, and weighted, or whenever ambient conditions are not of regular temperature, humidity or composition, we will propose solutions of leading weighting industry producers

  • Inspection equipment

    Inspection equipment

    Integrated weighting, production inspection and IT solutions assure quality control: products are weighted, checked against foreign objects and for compliance with other requirements; information is sent to the central hub and supported with analytical tools for data analysts.

  • Software


    For accounting of costs, processes, collection, storage, analysis and management of other data we offer reliable solutions from our partners.


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