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Cleaning equipment and furniture are integral part of a kitchen. While planning a kitchen we will assess your flows and quantity of dishes, how much space can be allocated for cleaning, what other functions will be performed besides cleaning. We will project dishwashers, sinks, furniture and spaces to serve conveniently for dish cleaning, washing, storing, and recycling. Our assortment allows serving any size of kitchen, and any level of customer flows. 

Our assortment categories:

Undercounter dishwashers – compact, designed for smaller kitchen and moderate to minor serving flows. Size and exterior wise they are similar to dishwashers, used at home: integrated under table desk, comparatively small. However, washing principle might be different depending on dominant dish type. They are silent, quick, powerful and economic, supplemented with extra functions, necessary for restaurants, for example, gentle dish wash for sensitive dishes, water softening. Bigger restaurants select undercounter dishwasher besides major hood or rack dishwashers, and use them only for washing selected type of dishes.  

Hood type dishwashers suitable for kitchen where flows are moderate towards higher, with peak periods. The advantage of hood type dishwashers – very quick loading and unloading of bigger amount of plates, quick rinsing or washing. As a rule, professional producers propose integral solutions of working place, when hood type dishwasher is incorporated with loading and unloading tables, food disposal or dish storage spaces.

Rack type, or conveyor type dishwashers are designed for restaurants that serve the biggest flows. Plates and tableware are put on conveyor box, and moved to a washing regime cyclically. Washing cycles are very short, and within several minutes clean dishes are available for serving again.

Granule dishwashers are used for washing dishes with high level of dirt. Their washing principle is based on abrasive power of granules, that are run by centrifuge and affect dirt quickly. No prewash is necessary, drying is quick, therefore washing cycle is reasonably short.




Potwashers are created for cleaning utensil of large parameters. Huge boxes for convenient loading of pots, frying pans, boxes, baking trays, larger devices and the like. Advantages of potwashers include quick cycles, specially designed loading boxes to fit large kitchenware, ergonomic design for convenient loading, washing regimes adjustable for variety of needs.


The only real innovation in dishwashing appliances during the recent 20 years comes as a result of project where technology, design, ergonomics and restaurant business specialists were working together. This is DIHR Twin Star, a hybrid of a cupboard and a dishwasher, as one might say. It takes only 1/3 of a space similar capacity dishwasher would require, and makes washing process an attraction in the kitchen. Special models allow separating clean and unclean spaces, since loading and unloading is possible from different sides. Quick, powerful, resource saving option for mid-range restaurants.





Working with food and professional kitchen equipment requires a number of daily supplements: gloves, aprons, packaging materials, vacuuming and regular bags, detergents. Check what is offered by Dayton here.

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