Stainless steel processing

Mastery in stainless steel processing


We provide subcontracting services for individual orders: mechanical cutting of plates and tubes, laser cutting of plates and tubes, bending, welding and additional processing of surface, for example, brushing and polishing. We propose treatment of ferrous metals, quality stainless steel, and acid resistant stainless steel.


80% of our production and subcontracting stainless steel services are exported to United Kingdom, France, Germany, Scandinavian or Commonwealth of Independent states.

Subcontracting services include:

  • Design of production,
  • Welding services: MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG, spot welding, contact (cold) welding.  
  • Brushing and polishing services.





Laser cutting of steel sheets


Thickness of sheets:

Bending of stainless steel

CNC hydraulic bending machine AMADA HFP NT130-3,

CNC tubes’ bending 



Stainless steel: 0,6-20 mm,

Ferrous metal: 0,6-25 mm,

Precision: +-0,005 mm.

Maximum length: 4100 mm,

Maximum tonnage 200 T,

Precision: +-0,2 mm.

Minimum radius: 1/3*D,

Maximum diameter: D76,

Precision: +-0,1 mm.


Dayton has adopted LEAN manufacturing process management system, therefore we can offer competitive timing of order processing (3-4 weeks after project confirmation) and price. Full range of other services: preparation for transportation, export and customs procedures, transportation, mounting.

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