Retail scales

Compact retail scales: standard scales for weighting, or scales with portion sizing and units‘ calculation functions. Variety of options in size and function, for weighting from 3 to 30 kg. Durable and robust, with bright displays and convenient data entry.


Scales with price calculation function. Wide choice from the assortment of economy and premium class producers. Broad functionality as long as an opportunity to integrate products into various levels of weighting systems. Can be supplemented with label printing functions.




Scales with labelling functions:

  • Standard size or customised labels;
  • Labels with coupons and promotions depending on a product, consumer category or retailer;
  • Programmable;
  • With touch screens;
  • Different types of keyboards;
  • Search function;
  • Displays with integrated multimedia, programmable for mass broadcasting of information and advertisements in selected or all retail points;
  • RetailApp for the management of scales‘ multimedia;
  • Possibility to integrate several types of printers (for example, receipts and sticky labels);
  • Printing option with linerless sticky tapes for more convenient label separation and longer usage of the same size roll.

Care products for scales: 
Cleaners, label removers, oils. 

Paper for labelling:

  • Labels with prints
  • Labels without prints
  • Colourful labels
  • Linerless labels




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