Replacement of refrigerants

Aiming to reduce harmful global warming effects, EU puts limits for freon refrigerants’ usage in industry and commerce since 2015. Starting from 2020, freon R404, refrigerant which is considered to be the most damaging for the environment, will be fully banned in newly produced commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment.

For companies that aim to contribute to environmental protection and plan timely preparations for upcoming regulation, we recommend production of refrigeration equipment with natural refrigerants from now. Although natural refrigerants are more expensive than freon R404, the investment will pay off in a long run due to more effective reach of required low temperature levels with the same usage of energy resources. Besides, CO2 refrigerants are 100% environmentally friendly.

Aggregates that are now filled up with freon R404 should be gradually replaced with natural ones. We provide consultations about the most suitable refrigerants, prepare replacement plans, and replace freon-based refrigerants. 

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