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Being fully aware how important cool or cold food preservation is in catering and food production business, we propose a wide range of solutions. Refrigerators, freezers, blast chillers, refrigerating tables, refrigerating salad bars will be offered in accordance to premises and type of prepared food. Variety of options for different budgets, functionality, parameters, visual appeal.

Our assortment categories:

Refrigerators, freezers, refrigerating boxes for professional kitchen are designed for huge quantities of food, available in variety of parameters, door quantity and type (for example, transparent). Vegetables, meat, fish, diary products require different storing temperatures and regimes, products differ by size and typical usage: for example, fish is conveniently stored on plates, whereas fruits and vegetables require more space in drawers. Extra functions are available: LCD screen, programming.

Contemporary refrigerators, refrigeration boxes, freezers have uniform internal air circulation, humidity control, antibacterial coverage and other qualities that are necessary to assure food quality and freshness. Our represented producers focus on ecological and sustainable usage of resources: refrigeration regimes adjust to volumes of food, defrosting turns on only when indication is detected by the system.

Refrigerated tables: production of our partner producers, or made by DAYTON. DAYTON offers standard line or food preparation tables, as well as made to order plug-in refrigerated furniture. Pica making, confectionary, work with fish or meat requires constant cooling of ingredients or semi-prepared production, therefore refrigerated tables become the major workplace of kitchen employees. They deserve convenient and well-ordered working environment. Therefore refrigerated tables can be aligned with other functions of equipment: freezers, product cooling, ventilation, temperature detectors, stands for kitchen ware and ingredients.

Salad bars, saladettes – great option for those who switch retail or food service to the self-service or semi self-service line. Salad bars assure proper temperature level for fresh vegetables, salads or dressings. Whenever necessary, organic glass cover protects from external impact. Food in salad bars attract attention; and can be adjusted to interior of service scape in colour or size. Additional modifications such as stands for tableware, spices, dressings, plates, cupboards or drawers will make food service more convenient for both employees and customers. Standard or made to order salad bars and other plug-in furniture.

Whenever ice is necessary for food transportation and storage, we propose ice generators:

  • Flake ice generators for the most usual ice forms to be used for cool storage in manufactures, transportation or retail food displays.
  • Scale ice provides the feeling of luxury in retail displays or restaurant food service. Due to sharp whiteness, any food looks brighter and more attractive on it. It is the coldest industrial ice that lasts longer than others thanks to supreme dryness, irregular shape and thinness.
  • Supplements for ice storage and transportation: carts and buckets, available in modular systems together with generators.



Shock freezers, blast chillers effectively preserve food quality right after preparation, or raw ingredients – at early stages of consumption process. Instant cooling or freezing by evenly distributed cold steam within sixty to ninety minutes after preparation prevents bacteria reproduction. Therefore food remains seemingly fresh, maintaining visual and nutritional qualities as being fresh. Blast chilling or shock freezing effects on food qualities are different from a regular refrigerators or freezers, where low temperatures are reached gradually. For restaurants, food preparation manufactures shock freezers or blast chillers are perfect solutions that allow preparing for uneven demand cycles, huge events, or pass food to the next distribution point with best qualities preserved.



We will assess how your production process is organized, what food keeping solutions are necessary, in what quantities, what freezing/cooling form is the most desired. We will give regard to your premises and connection between production and service lines. However, we never ask how important for you is the quality, since it is our guarantee!

We are trusted by: Maxima, Iki, Norfa.

Working with food and professional kitchen equipment requires a number of daily supplements: gloves, aprons, packaging materials, vacuuming and regular bags, detergents. Check what is offered by DAYTON here.

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