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Happy and loyal customers, increasing sales do not come by accident. We analyse consumer flows, concepts of categories, product types, typical basket size, and on the basis of our long term experience and knowledge in retail sector plan displays, counters, merchandisers, products’ islands, select shopping carts and baskets, as well as tools for fleet management. We constantly track and introduce novelties: digital labels will be a break through innovation in logistics and retail.

  • Display counters

    Display counters

    Warm and cold products have to be served in an attractive, upselling manner, conveniently for customers and staff. Each product has its own specifics. Each store or catering place is unique situation. Therefore our displays’ assortment is so wide.

  • Shopping trolleys and baskets

    Shopping trolleys and baskets

    Every retail store owner cares about customers: they have to be concentrated on purchases and enjoy shopping. Therefore the process of shopping has to be simple and effortless. Leading world producers of shopping carts and trolleys know that their role is to assist. Convenient, durable carts, trolleys and baskets, cart fleet management solutions, storage places.

    Convenient, durable carts, trolleys and baskets, cart fleet management solutions, storage places.

  • Retail scales

    Retail scales

    Weighting, costing, pricing: these simple scaling functions nowadays are one of the most sophisticated parts of commercial equipment. Current scaling systems are integrated with IT systems, managed from one data point, supplemented with packaging, labelling, information, quality control functions.

  • Digital labels

    Digital labels

    Adoption of this innovative solution will allow all product related data, stocks, prices or discounts to be manageable from one point throughout entire chain or selected points. Press “enter” and information will instantly reach warehouses or retail shelves.


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