Kitchen equipment

Integral approach towards HoReCa and professional kitchen


We hold an integral approach towards HoReCa and industrial kitchen. We will advise you how to equip kitchens of various size, functionality, aesthetic appeal depending on your activity and budget. We perform turn-key kitchen projects from drafts to the final installation and employee training. Equipment, furniture, supplemental devices, as well as aftersales service are offered by Dayton, UAB.

  • Gas stove

    Food processing equipment

    Hot line kitchen equipment of any parameters. We represent well known producers and satisfy the needs of various catering companies’, irrespective of type, size, or concept. Classic equipment that is a must in any restaurant kitchen, and equipment for special needs.

  • Food preparation

    Food preparation equipment

    In fact, processes in HoReCa kitchen are exactly the same as at home: food is stored, prepared, cooked and served. However, quantities and speed of process are multiplied by ten or hundred times. Therefore DAYTON has solution for every step: food preparation and production process has to be quick, convenient, professional and sustainable.

  • Furnaces and grills

    Furnaces and grills

    Food processing in furnaces and grills is for those who aim for special tastes and textures to please their clients. Solutions are tailored for low to high client flows; some of them are designed to be the central axis of restaurant or store.

  • Refrigeration furniture and equipment

    Refrigeration furniture and equipment

    Food quality assurance is a spine of catering, food production, and food retail business. Our biggest effort to keep it cool, properly frozen and fresh. Variety of solutions for keeping ingredients, semi-prepared and prepared food fresh.

  • Washing and hygiene

    Washing and hygiene

    Cleanliness is a default in kitchen. Dishwashing - inseparable step of food production and catering process. We will offer quick, economic, sustainable dishwashers and potwashers of various parameters, and other kitchen hygiene solutions.

  • Care and supplements

    Care and supplements

    Professional kitchen equipment and hygiene maintenance requires special detergents, vacuuming and packaging - high quality materials and bags. For the convenient and safe work of your employees reliable and gentle gloves are necessary. We take care that all supplements would be available at Dayton.


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