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Coffee, ice cream, juices and other drinks are profit drives of catering business. Constant demand, high margins, quick and simple product preparation. At the same time, they are the business card of a company: strong and aromatic coffee,  rich texture ice cream represent overall quality philosophy of hosts. We have solutions for various concepts: from mobile kiosks till restaurants with huge customer flows. We are aware that your customers are demanding. Therefore you are demanding for us, and we – for producers that we select with care.

  • Coffee machines

    Coffee machines

    There are a lot of requirements for coffee machines in catering sector. They have to be convenient, simple to use, prepare coffee rapidly. Baristas have to be able to reveal the full range of their professionalism, whereas self-serving customers aim for simple preparation of supreme coffee. 

  • Mixers and juicers

    Mixers and juicers

    Your clients will appreciate huge variety of healthy drinks. Select our juicers, multijuicers and shakers for quick, convenient, safe and appealing preparation.

  • Ice cream and sherbet machines

    Ice cream and sherbet machines

    Ice cream is compulsory offer in any catering place, from mobile kiosks to supreme restaurants. DAYTON proposes variety of ice cream and sherbet machines: compact and mobile, economy class, or high capacity premium stationary equipment.

  • Mixtures for ice cream and drinks

    Mixtures for ice cream and drinks

    We have selected quality suppliers and impressive variety of tastes. Your clients will return for the choices and indulgence. 

  • Supplements for ice cream and drinks

    Supplements for ice cream and drinks

    We aim to provide everything what is necessary for ice cream and drinks‘ trade: cups, spoons, straws and other supplements.

  • Equipment for storing and selling ice cream

    Equipment for storing and selling ice cream

    For the complete concept of your cafeteria and bistro: special displays for ice cream and confectionery. Ice cream freezers.

  • Ice generators for bars

    Ice generators for bars

    Leading world producers of ice generators have created supreme machines that produce variety of ice to surprise your customers. Check out their solutions.


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