Mobile juice bar


Mobile juice bar: centre of attention in retail and catering. For oranges and other citruses, suitable for self-service.

Zummex juicer with a number of unique qualities: pure juice, rapid production, antibacterial coverage. 20 kg loading capacity, convenient loading due to wide feeder tube, automated separation of waste. Intuitive display and programable settings (language, number of oranges for selected volume of juice). 52 litres for waste bin; cupboard made from stainless steel, basket is easy to remove, clean, or transport. Detector of waste limit.

DAYTON solution for retail: convenient bar that incorporates stainless steel desk, bottle stand, easy to clean desk for prices and promo information, cupboard for cleaning tools. Bottles, customised for this juicer. Everything is though through to make retail easy and successful: mobile juicer bar is light, easy to move thanks to the wheels, and eye appealing.   


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