Mixtures for ice cream and drinks

High quality mixtures for high quality ice cream and sherbets: guaranteed by Comprital, the leading ice cream mixtures and  supplements producer from Italy.

Mixtures for Gelato: Speedy. One production cycle packages, estimated for four litters of water or milk. Well balanced quality ingredients guarantee perfect texture and taste. Nearly 80 kinds of tastes, out of them 50 are imported to Lithuania. Classical and non-traditional ice cream will please your clients. 




Frozen yogurt mixes: Frozen Yo+. Classical and fruit taste frozen yogurt mixes, supplemented with special lines: lactose free or stevia based (instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners) for customers with special needs and tastes. 



 Sherbet mixes: Granttissime – fruit mixes for sherbets with stabilisers. When mixed with ice, they assure long lasting, fluffy and aromatic consistence. Packages are estimated for four litters of water.

Syrups and tops: Topping. For the full completion of served ice cream or confectionary. Ten tastes are offered.

In oder to facilitate ice cream or sherbet trading, DAYTON  offers everything what is necessary: disposable cups and glasses, straws, spoons, displays and freezers.

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