Mixers and juicers

Dayton represented producers of shakers, juicers and multijuicers specialise in HoReCa sector, therefore their equipment is automated, of high capacity, adjusted to self-service or personnel work.

The process of juice extraction varies from classical centrifugal pressure and smashing to original sophisticated technologies that allow squeezing huge capacity of fruits, simultaneously separating juice from peels and other remnants.

Work with fresh juice and cocktails requires attention to easy maintenance and hygiene. Therefore spare parts are easy to disassemble and clean. Antibacterial protection allows to maintain freshness and quality.

Juicers and shakers we trade have characteristic, visually appealing design, intuitive displays, variety of functions. There are number of designs, colours and sizes for the selection. Whatever professional juice extraction or drinks‘ shaking requires in commercial places, we can offer it.


 Serve juices and shakes with ice. Check our ice generators for bars.

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