Furnaces and grills

The furnaces and grills we represent are world-wide acknowledged thanks to high quality, wide choice and adaptability to various kitchens and retail types, economic and sustainable operation, visual appeal and integrity with other kitchen solutions. Our partners focus on convenient and multifunctional cooking process and food quality.

We will always ask who is the end user of your product, in what capacities you produce, and how you sell food. We will give regard to whether cooking equipment would be placed in clients‘ zone, and make it the major axis of your business. Whenever space is an issue, we will offer modular systems. We will plan the service lines for catering and stores, and propose various cooking and display combination to upsell your production. However, we never ask how important for you is the quality, since it is our guarantee!





Our assorment categories:

  • Steamers, combi steamers – mechanical or automated, various sizes and capacity. 

Producer of premium baking and cooking ovens, steamers and combi-steamers. Being well aware what support is necessary for kitchen professionals, this producer provides the range of pre-programmed or manual programming regimes, easy to use displays, convenient food loading, unloading, cleaning and other functions that help serving huge flows of clients.



We represent Electrolux Professional line. Electrolux offers the most innovative technologies in ovens, that allow various cooking regimes (steam, grill, charcoal and other) in one machine. Simple and safe usage, programmable functions with memory, humidity control, self-cleaning options, low energy consumption and extra functions – any kitchen professional should consider these options.


  • Multisseries and rotisseries - eye catching, high capacity, addressed for retail.  

Exclusive Fri-Jado dealer in Lithuania. Premium producer of rotisseries and multisseries pays utmost attention to food presentation and display. Multisseries and rotisseries are designed to be placed in retail places, attract customer attention, and stimulate purchases. Autonomic ventilation, cleaning, grease collection systems allow placing grills at any part of the store. Innovative solutions assure quick and even cooking, supreme taste, easy usage. 



  • Charcoal ovens, grills and barbecues – for restaurants that consider meat quality and process of grilling to be the central axis of their concept.

Supreme quality brand, highly recognised due to unique combinations of traditional ovens and charcoal barbecues. Meat, processed in these ovens, remains juicy with a crunchy skin, as it would be baked on fire. Ovens and barbecues are of standard parameters, or custom made; can be used without connection to gas or electricity, thus perfectly fit outside restaurants for summer trade.


  • Conveyor ovens – for huge restaurants and canteens, to serve high client flows.

We are trusted by: Circle K, Maxima, Iki, Radisson, Scandic.  

Working with food and professional kitchen equipment requires a number of daily supplements: gloves, aprons, packaging materials, vacuuming and regular bags, detergents. Check what is offered by DAYTON here.

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