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We have absolutely everything what could be necessary for contemporary HoReCa or industrial kitchen of any type, be it supreme fine food restaurant, or food processing manufacture. We offer turn-key solutions with integral planning of food storage, preparation, processing and service premises within a kitchen. We are experts in HoReCa sector with a deep knowledge of specifics within each type of the catering facility, therefore we will assess your needs and provide valuable consultations for further development of your business.

  • For a fine food restaurant which specialises in original, varied and high quality food, we propose solutions that allow disclosing the best of chef’s competence. Classic, gas or inductive stoves, cooking ranges, multifunction ovens, circulators, high capacity and functionality grills, other equipment for specific temperature and cooking regimes. .
  • For a restaurant which servers huge flows, such as hotel restaurant, we plan kitchen equipment with high focus on convenient and fluent production and service process. Besides stoves and ovens, we offer high capacity grills, furnaces, tilting pans, fryers and the like.
  • For fast food restaurants we provide solutions how to use small premises optimally for quick food processing: fryers, barbeques, multiprogramme microwave ovens, convection ovens, grills.


We will recommend how to plan spaces for food and semi-manufactures‘ storage, dishes, hygiene means, small electric devices, and give you advise how to locate kitchen isles and food delivery lines. We will analyse your production process and adjust equipment for the convenience of your kitchen staff and fluent client service. We will give regard to the overall concept of your restaurant and food service. If you aim for an open, attractive and entertaining cooking process, we will suggest convenient integral cooking isles within client serving space, impressive display grills, visually appealing cooking equipment and devices.

We will always ask how important are aesthetics and budget for you. We will also ask who is the typical user of your food, how you serve and sell it. We will check what is the qualification and experience of your chef and other kitchen employees, since the proper equipment is qualification dependent. However, we will never ask how important is the quality for you, since it is our guarantee!

Our assortment categories:

  • Stoves and cooking ranges,
  • Cirkuliators,
  • Fryers,
  • Microwave ovens,
  • Grills, barbecues, 
  • Pressure cookers,
  • Tilting pans,
  • Warm food serving solutions, 
  • and many other - whatever work in the kitchen  requires.   



Trusted by: Circle K, Maxima, Iki, Rimi, Hesburger, Radisson, Biovela, Mantinga, Amber Food, Čili pica. 

We represent Electrolux Professional line. Over nearly one hundred years of operations, Electrolux has achieved the broadest range of professional kitchen equipment. Full range of kitchen machines, kitchen electronics, furniture, tableware can be selected from one producer. Thus, visual integrity and compatible solutions are guaranteed. Plus – perfect combination of classical and innovative solutions, durability, quality and variety. For any client.

Producer of premium baking and cooking ovens, steamers and combi-steamers. Being well aware what support is necessary for kitchen professionals, this producer provides the range of pre-programmed or manual programming regimes, easy to use displays, convenient food loading, unloading, cleaning and other functions that help serving huge flows of clients.



Exclusive Fri-Jado dealer in Lithuania. Premium producer of rotisseries and multisseries pays utmost attention to food presentation and display. Multisseries and rotisseries are designed to be placed in retail places, attract customer attention, and stimulate purchases. Autonomic ventilation, cleaning, grease collection systems allow placing grills at any part of the store. Innovative solutions assure quick and even cooking, supreme taste, easy usage.


Professional kitchen equipment from Italy. The philosophy of this producer is grounded on three pillars: style, technical solutions, and durability. Kitchen equipment has to be visually appealing, convenient, based on combination of time-proven and innovative solutions, and serve for a long time.



Working with food and professional kitchen equipment requires a number of daily supplements: gloves, aprons, packaging materials, vacuuming and regular bags, detergents. Check what is offered by DAYTON here.

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