Food preparation equipment

We sell all equipment for meat, fruits and vegetables preparation, dough mixing, dosage and rolling for HoReCa and industrial usage. Following our fully integral solutions approach, we equip the kitchen premises with a full-range of products and devices, furniture, supplements: from storage, preparation and processing to serving the client.

We are experts in HoReCa and industrial food preparation. Being fully aware how important it is to prepare quickly, conveniently, precisely, we also understand that the full process is not about single steps, but rather about integrity and fluency that make daily jobs of kitchen staff pleasant and effective.  



We will recommend how to plan food storage, devices and kitchenware places, production and hygiene space optimally and conveniently. We will analyse your production process and align equipment so that all employees in kitchen would feel comfortable and could easily move from one step of process to another.

We will assist you in designing the entire food processing process. Besides food processing equipment, we will offer additional solutions for weighing, vacuuming and packaging.

We will always ask, to what extent kitchen aesthetics and budget are important for you, what raw products you use, what quantities are produced, and how in general your production process is organised. However, we never ask to what extent quality is important for you, since it is our guarantee.



Our assortment categories:

  • Meat processing equipment– high capacity machines, necessary for every stage of meat processing and preparation for retail: grinders, cutters, bone saws, mixers, mixer-grinders, injectors, sausage fillers, portioners, burger formers, smokers, knives, and other.


  • Fruits and vegetables processing. Cleaners, cutters, blenders that are designed to work with high capacities of different vegetables and fruits simultaneously. Convenient module systems, well planned sequence of stages allow kitchen staff to wash, clean and slice vegetables and fruits rapidly.
  • Vacuuming and packaging machines. When reaching retail points, food has to be fresh and protected from external contacts. Therefore packaging and vacuuming become important steps of production process. Our proposed range of vacuuming and packaging machines meets the needs of any client: from compact and mobile equipment for small kitchen to automated packaging conveyors, from bag packaging to any other type of packaging. For meat or other food, and even non-food products.



  • Slicers with integral weighing, portioning and packaging functions – unique proposition from Bizerba, leading weighing solutions provider. Precise weighing allow process optimization and control over costs, assurance of product characteristics and weight for retailer or client. In addition, packages can be labelled, all data stored and sent to higher order IT systems.


  • Dough mixers. Spiral dough kneaders for pica or bread dough: mixing well balanced to provide equal consistency, necessary for lifting or baking, little by little addressing smaller parts of dough. Planetary dough mixers – necessary attribute in confectionary or creperie, also for those who mix dressings. Stable and quick mixing of dough, easy to select and assemble spare parts, various speeds and regimes. Dough sheeters– reliable, easy to clean and use, for pica, pasta and other tough dough.


  • Knives and other devices for butchers, supplements for butcher work. Even if you have all professional equipment for meat processing at your discretion, manual meat processing is unavoidable. The job of a butcher is hard and requires precision. Professional knives and other devices help employees and speed up work process. Eicker Messer specialises in professional butcher needs for decades: knives, bone saws, cutters, other devices, as well as special gloves and aprons for security. Production range here: Eicker_Messer_catalogue.

We are trusted by: Circle K, Maxima, Iki, Rimi, Biovela, Mantinga, Amber Food, Čili pica.


Working with food and professional kitchen equipment requires a number of daily supplements: gloves, aprons, packaging materials, vacuuming and regular bags, detergents. Check what is offered by DAYTON here.

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