Doors for cold chambers

Refrigeration in retail, food production, farms and the like is sophicticated and resources consuming process. When care about refrigeration is taken, the next step is to prevent premises or equipment from low temperature loss. Therefore we offer doors with cold maintenance properties for cold chambers, cold rooms, and refrigeration boxes. Having regard to the type of premises or equipment, need for temperature maintenance, estimated differences between cold and regular temperatures, desired type of cold chamber doors opening and control, we propose various solutions. Whenever frequent door opening cannot be avoided, we offer to reduce temperature exchange with PVC strip curtains.

Since our professional focus in on companies that produce or trade food, we know how important it is to comply with security and hygiene requirements. Therefore all our production is suitable for premises where food is stored or produced.


 Types of cold room doors:

  • Hinged doors for plus temperature premises VD68 (up till 0°C);
  • Hinged doors for minus temperature premises VD92 (up till -20° C);
  • Hinged doors for deep minus temperature boxes VD121 (up till -40° C);
  • Double sided hinged doors for plus temperature premises VDD68 (up till 0° C);
  • Sliding doors for plus temperature premises SD68 or SDB68 (up till 0° C);
  • Sliding doors for minus temperature SD92 or SDB92 (up till -20° C);
  • Sliding doors for deep minus temperature SD121 (up till -40° C);
  • Swing (flip-flap) doors for entrances TF40;
  • Double-sided swing (flip-flap) doors for entrances TFD40.

 Major assembly of cold room door includes:

  • Aluminium profile frame;
  • Painted steel (RAL9010) of door leaf;
  • Isolation of polyurethane foam;
  • Stainless steel or plastic doorpost;
  • For doors for minus temperatures: heating cable;
  • Hinges, handles, swirling, locks.

Other options for cold room doors:

  • Stainless steel door leaf;
  • Automated opening;
  • Extra security bumpers for TF40 and TFD40 doors.

PVC strip curtains reduce temperature exchange and help to save electricity costs for heating or cooling when frequent door opening cannot be avoided. PVC strip curtains are suitable for premises where temperature is within the range of - 25°C up till 30°C. Riffle or plain options are available.

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