Care and supplements

Detergents for professional equipment 

Detergents for professional kitchen equipment: adjusted lines of particular producers, or universal ones.

Available in 10 litres capacity. 






Work in kitchen requires strict following of hygiene and safety requirements. DAYTON offers Handy Gloves, the brand that is created for the special needs of working in professional kitchen: durable, reliable, soft for skin. 

Nitrile gloves

Convenient black nitrile gloves, suitable for both hands. Powder and latex free. Created for special purpose of working with food. 100 % nitrile.

Vinyl gloves

Convenient black vinyl gloves, suitable for both hands. Durable and elastic, with round-up arm cuffs. Powder and latex free. Comply to EN455 and CE requirements.

  • 100 units in package. Sold in 10 packages boxes.
  • S, M, L, XL sizes. 


Butcher aprons, gloves, tools and knives

Original Niroflex butcher aprons and gloves: stainless steel chains protect from wounding, at the same time do not limit hands' movement flexibility. Eicker Messer knives and tools for buchers.

Packaging materials and supplements

Universal materials for packaging and vacuuming, suitable for food: foil, packaging paper, plastic packages for vacuuming, disposable cups for ice cream, disposable glasses for sherbet, straws,  spoons.

Custom made packaging materials, cups and glasses with your company’s logo.  







Bags for retail

Ecological bags for retail. Nowadays consumers are environmentally conscious and willing to contribute to nature prevention by daily choices. In turn, retailers get better consumer responses by providing environmental choices. DAYTO trades Ecobags, retail bags for fruits, vegetables and other products.

  • Made from 100 % biodegradable materials, and suitable for safe composting.
  • Comply to EU standard No. EN 13432, that requires quick and natural package decomposition after usage.
  • International Vinçotte OK CompostHOME certificate assures that Ecobags are suitable for industrial and home composting, since they do not leave any harmful trace, and do not reduce compost quality.
  • Can be custom-made to signal your brand’s contribution to sustainability.  


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