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The foundations of Dayton, UAB lie in strong Lithuanian companies that were leading in the sectors of kitchen, retail, refrigeration equipment and production for decades. In 2015, companies were acquired by international chain Dayton Group OY, a Finish based company that operates from 1923, and has branches in Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus.

We provide integral solutions for restaurant or industrial kitchen, cafeterias and bars, fast food restaurants, shops, shopping malls, premises for production, warehousing and sales. We possess production lines of stainless steel, refrigeration aggregates and other refrigeration equipment.

International and local experience, as well as representation of leading global producers allows us offering the widest product portfolio in the Baltic states. We represent more than 30 supreme quality producers in the area of retail and kitchen solutions. While producing our equipment, we rely only on well-established components from the recognised suppliers. 

Our major working principle proclaims that the client has to receive turn-key solutions: we consult, design, select or produce equipment, install and fully prepare premises or systems for usage. The range or our activities includes:

  • Design, production and installation of central refrigeration systems for shops, restaurants, industrial manufactures.
  • Production of plug-in refrigeration furniture.
  • Fully integrated equipment and stainless steel furniture for any type of HoReCa kitchen.
  • Food processing equipment and extra installations for manufactures and retail food processing departments.
  • Machines, mixes and other supplements for coffee, ice cream, juices, other drinks; ice cream and confectionary production displays.
  • Design and installation of warehousing premises: stainless steel furniture, shelves and racks, refrigerating chambers and boxes, other refrigerating, cooling and conditioning solutions.
  • Autonomic or integrated weighing systems with extra functions for slicing, quality control, packaging, costing and pricing, labelling. Full integration of data into higher order ERP systems.
  • Planning and equipment of shopper journey facilitation in retail: displays, hot and cold islands, customer counters, shelves, racks, carts, trolleys and baskets.

24/7 monitoring service for refrigeration equipment: detection of deviations, remote system optimisation, and, whenever necessary, on site assistance and fixing. We provide after sales technical maintenance and reparation service for all types of kitchen, retail, refrigeration equipment all over Lithuania, as a part of warranty agreement or afterwards.


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